In Praise of Paperback Paradise

So, I had a super profound post planned for today, but since a) I didn’t get around to it and b) I just ate ice cream and felt so guilty that I needed to laugh at something, I thought I’d share one of my favorite websites here.

A while ago, I posted about McCall’s Pattern Behavior, which is still updating and still hilarious, but Paperback Paradise updates daily and is just as funny, with classic book covers (or really bad ones) from the 1990s series we all loved like The Baby-Sitters Club, Hardy BoysNancy Drew, and others, with a special emphasis on the often ridiculous Sweet Valley books. I always found those to be the most contrived plotwise, even back then.

The covers are usually captioned with something completely inappropriate for the age group/situation (Oops I Just Farted), or are a literal interpretation of what you are seeing (as in: We’re Fucked). My favorite part, though, is that the font colors and styles completely match with the originals, so it’s almost like a historiographical reimagining of what could have been, or maybe what the authors/illustrators were really thinking. The owner even started writing snippets for some of the books, and if he/she ever pens a full length book for these, I would definitely buy a copy if only to scar my future children.

The images are under copyright by the website’s owner so it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to post them, but here’s one of my favorites, just to link you to it: