Blog Changes and Fixes and Things for 2018

Man, how time flies.

December was a crap month for blogging, I know, but I think I can fix that in the future. And here’s how!

In 2018, I will…

  • Make a concerted effort to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Yes, that means more Flip the Script Fridays, but hey, I’m trying to start a brand here. Or something.
  • Clean up old posts, or fix and republish them.
  • Get rid of some of the pointless posts/placeholder posts.

So there we go.

Here’s to 2018!


Things I Haven’t Yet Done This Year

January 1 is always that one day when there’s something you normally do, but haven’t, so you can say that you haven’t done it since last year.

Here are a few things I haven’t done…SINCE LAST YEAR.

  1. Driven a car.
  2. Had alcohol.
  3. Bought anything.
  4. Taken a bath.
  5. Eaten lunch.
  6. Watched a movie.
  7. Gotten a haircut.
  8. Gone to the gym.
  9. Washed my clothes.
  10. Shaved.

If I still haven’t done any of those things a week from now…let me know, because there might be something wrong with me.

But for today…it’s okay.