Masterpiece Youtube: “Stuck,” Stacie Orrico

That’s So Jacob Presents: Masterpiece YouTube

Episode 2: “Stuck,” Stacie Orrico, 2003.

This surprisingly complex bubblegum pop song has quite a compelling video. It was made in 2003 by a relatively unknown Stacie Orrico (who is still relatively unknown). She released three albums in total in the 2000s. As she preferred a Christian gospel style rather than a pop style, her moment in the spotlight in the pop music scene was short. These days, according to Wikipedia, she is “living in New York and taking acting classes.”

The video starts with her in bed, pushing the button on the alarm clock. From the first note, we know we’re in for a ride. She’s got a Minnie Mouse on her night stand, so she clearly means business. She writes “STUCK” in the mirror with her lipstick, and takes the bus to school, where she apparently walks around a track in a circle with a large group of some oddly dressed students and the occasional teacher. The girls all have heavy Gothic makeup and many guys and girls are in argyle. For some reason, I like to think that this is what school is like in Canada. She also sings in a cute outfit on a bench in a baseball field while wearing white sneakers that miraculously manage to stay squeaky-clean even though you know there’s got to be mud around there somewhere. Then, more students, including a guy with a neck brace, a guy in a penguin hoodie, a guy in green between two Goth-looking blonds (popular girls, maybe?) in tartans. Then, back on the bus, he draws a heart on the window and she puts a notebook in front of it. Sweet. The guys (including the main guy) are playing basketball and looking pretty dorky. The Goth girl in pink leans ladylike yet bitchy against her locker while Stacie and the guys pass by. Then, she closes her eyes and we’re at a school dance. She looks in, the guy she likes is dancing with another girl – MISTAKE ALERT: In one shot she is wearing pearls, in the next, she isn’t – so she ducks back out, and for some reason there is lightning in the room. She has lots of blue eye shadow and laments in front of an awesomely-painted wall. After some more being angsty on a bus, she watches herself get rejected on a dating show. That’s gotta suck. But enough of that, the buses get to school and she comes face-to-face with her man, who she gives the cold-shoulder to before walking away angstily – MISTAKE ALERT #2: Stacie’s scarf goes from done to undone in every other shot – while said man gets taunting facial expressions by his argyle-clad friends. The end.

Moral of the story: Don’t reject an adorable brunette with a boyish taste in clothing for a Goth cheerleader chick, because she will then embarrass you in front of your friends.

I like this song because it’s relatively easy to sing, upbeat, jazzy and sassy. It’s also a song that’s okay for both boys and girls to sing since it doesn’t reference gender. I like singing this song at karaoke because it’s one of those songs that either a) impresses the pants off my friends, or b) they go, “oh yeah, I remember that song…why didn’t I think of picking that one?” I like the video because Stacie’s gorgeous, there are so many fun colors and articles of clothing, and all of the other kids at the high school look so quirky and out-of-place yet Stacie, the normal-looking girl, is on the outs. Overall, it’s a great music video that takes you through the story via song.

This has been Masterpiece YouTube, Episode 2: “Stuck,” Stacie Orrico.