A Hot Food Review on a Chilly Day

The other day, I went to the store and bought some new foods to try over Christmas. One of them was Patel’s Dal Tadka Lentil Curry.

According to the packaging, it is a product of India, but is distributed by Raja Foods out of Skokie, Illinois.It doesn’t have a kosher symbol on it, but it bills itself as “100% Vegetarian,” so I’m inclined to believe it.

In terms of preparation, it took about 2 minutes in the microwave, and came out looking a little soupier than the picture on the packaging, but it still smelled and tasted all right. It was not very filling and it was not as spicy as I thought it might be, despite having cumin in it, but it was still decent. Would buy again.

For tonight’s dinner, I’m trying some Near East Quinoa with Rosemary and Olive Oil. Although, since I had to add my own olive oil, how much could possibly be in there?

I had a feeling this post would be painfully boring. Don’t worry, tomorrow I’m heading home to Baltimore via Minneapolis (west to go east?) for a few weeks, so that will be an adventure there, and getting there.




And let it be known that as of yesterday, That’s So Jacob has hopped on the quinoa train.

Yes, it’s another new recipe. It required a bit more effort than normal, and had mixed results, but it made an awful lot of food, more than I thought it would, for which I am grateful. This recipe comes from Emily at A Nutritionist Eats (not, as I thought it was originally, A Nutrition Is Teats).

That’s So Jacob Presents:

That’s So Nom: Treats and Eats from Jacob’s Completely Amateur Kitchen

Episode 5: Quinoa Black Bean Salad

Step 1: Look at recipes online.

Step 2: Gather ingredients.

Step 3: How does one properly wash quinoa? Isn’t it going to get boiled anyway?

Step 4: Put 1 cup of quinoa into a pot of water. Note that it doesn’t look like an awful lot of quinoa, so throw in a little more. Bring to a boil.

Step 5: While that’s happening, combine your olive oil, honey, lime, and shallots, and whisk.

Step 6: Take the lid off the quinoa, and realize HOLY HELL THAT’S A LOT OF QUINOA. Drain quinoa and dump into whatever bowls you can find

Step 7: Toss the honey-lime vinaigrette with the quinoa and try not to get too much of your quinoa stuck to your hands.

Step 7: Drain black beans, put on quinoa. Mix. Enjoy some quinoa!

Step 8: Wonder why you bought green onions and cotija.

Step 9: Go to the Internet, and sigh in relief that they are the final two ingredients, so chop those onions and put them in, as well as the cotija that you clearly bought way too much of.

Step 10: Enjoy the spare quinoa, put the rest in tupperware containers.

The recipe says to chill overnight, but I ate some while it was still warm and it was flavorful and delicious. I only had a few forkfuls, then chilled the rest. I just had some right now, and it’s not terrible but I think it tasted a little better warm. Oh well, at least I have enough quinoa black bean salad for the rest of eternity. Off to find some new recipes, maybe for chicken or fish this time.