Some Great Lesser-Known Irish Plays

I took a course in Irish theatre a few years back, and was amazed at the diversity of theatre that comes from one little island. Everyone knows Dancing at Lughnasa and Juno and the Paycock, but, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a list of some Irish plays not everyone knows about, and why they’re great.

  1. Martin McDonagh, The Beauty Queen of Leenane

This play is a dark exploration of mother and daughter, spinster and invalid, and what happens when a man enters the picture.

2. Samuel Beckett, Happy Days

Winnie is buried in sand on the beach. She talks. That’s pretty much it, but it’s riveting.

3. William Butler Yeats, Cathleen ni Houlihan

4. Brian Friel, Translations

5. Denis Johnston, The Old Lady Says No!


Lost on Goat Island with Tea, Books, Samuel Beckett, and 76 Students

Taking a break from my never-ending pile of work to get out a blog post before the day is out.

To explain the title:

Currently, I’m freaking out a bit. On my current, to-do, ASAP list:

  • Grade 60 (well, 59 at the moment) papers
  • Write a reflection of this week’s theatre lab
  • Write a lesson plan for next Thursday’s theatre lab
  • Get through several lists of questions on Samuel Beckett and get back to students
  • Plan a Samuel Beckett-themed lesson for Monday and Wednesday
  • Write 4 (!) book reports by Saturday (as in, a week from this coming Saturday)
  • Finish my PechaKucha and presentation on Goat Island for Tuesday

And, accomplish as much of this as I can before heading out to Minnesota tomorrow for the APO Region IX Conference, all the while trying not to sulk about not being in Madison for Badger Ballroom or in Portland for ASTR.

Oh yeah, and I’m totally lost on most of these things. How to teach Beckett, how to finish all these books, and what the heck Goat Island is. At this point, I think I’d rather go to Unicorn Island, if you know what I am.

As of this moment, I am exactly halfway done the PechaKucha I started about an hour or so ago (yes!) regardless of whether it’s a good PechaKucha or not, and thought of a presentation idea for Tuesday which will hopefully work.

And, oh yeah, I should make sure I have clean clothes and all my supplies ready for the conference, because I have to leave at 1 PM, regardless of whether I am ready or not, because I am driving several people.

Okay, break over, now time to get back to the weirdness, because there’s a lot of it.

Pray for me, y’all!