Shopping and Snacking

Raise your hand if you snack when you shop.

Anyone? Everyone?

I’ve heard talk of eating a meal before you shop to sate your hunger and control your impulse to buy snacks while shopping, but honestly…it’s not worth it. Just get the snack. Don’t make it too unhealthy, but get the snack or else you’ll regret it. Today, I went to 2 grocery stores, a bookstore, and Walgreens. At the first grocery store, I saw a box of tomato basil crackers on the clearance shelf. Nothing wrong with them, so I bought them and enjoyed them. At the next grocery store, I bought a black cherry soda, and I actually forgot about it, so I had a nice treat when I got home. It will make you happier and feel more like an adult. And look at it this way: the more you shop, the more calories you burn.

Does not apply to shopping online.


The Snack That Does Not Smile Back

“Oh, I don’t snack.”

One of the greatest lies ever told.

I’m guilty of telling it, but at least I’m honest about the fact that I’m lying about it.

Snack foods are one of those things that everyone likes, but no one admits to. Kind of like soda, which I wrote about a while back. I’ve grown to like snack foods a little less ever since I’ve lost interest in potato chips, and learned about things like hydrogenated oils and corn syrup and its connection to the crude oil industry, or something like that. Still, I might have some snacks at a party, or if someone else is offering them to me, but I tend to not buy them. Or if I do, I justify. I’m a major, major justifier. Here are some of the statements I’ve used to justify my purchases.

“Popcorn! What a fun and healthy snack!”

“Oh, these Cheez-Its will be great to keep in my office, my students polished off the last box.”

“Oh, Kedem tea biscuits. They’re gross, but I should buy some because Erin likes them. Even though Erin lives in Oregon. But it’s her birthday, so Erin, these are in your honor.”

“Here’s some Twizzlers. I’ve been really good today, I held the elevator door for someone and I deserve it, and by the time I walk back to my car, I’ll have burned a deficit of calories so I’ll need it.”

“Bridge mix? Where have you been? Hiding in the 1970s, huh? Let’s reunite…”

“Goldfish! The snack that smiles back! Wonderful, I could use a smile. Plus, don’t they count as seafood? And seafood is great for you, so in the cart you go, little fishies!”

I also buy some essentials, like bread and bananas and spinach leaves, just so I can feel healthy, and those things usually so straight into the fridge, because they need to cool off a little before I eat them. But I’m hungry now.

And that’s how I ended up pounding Cheez-Its on my couch at 11:30 on a Saturday night.


Having the Late Night Munchies

I have a serious case of the late night munchies.

I don’t really know when it started, and as much as I try to avoid it, it constantly returns. It’s there every night. Right now, I am feasting on challah and peach soda, wondering what has become of my life. Well, really, I’d be eating something way less nutritious were I not at my parents’ home. My mom loves candy and chocolate,  so it’s kind of odd that those things aren’t around. But then again, my parents survive on homemade soup and nothing, so there’s rarely ever any actual food in the house; hence, the challah and peach soda. Desperate times = desperate measures?

No, but seriously, I should find a way to stop this. Snacking at night can’t be good for your health. Well, my whole eating plan during these few weeks has been overall detrimental to my health, what with waking up around lunchtime, snacking, eating dinner…no wonder I’m hungry at night. Or maybe I’m making up for all the weight I lost due to stress in November/December. No, that can’t be it.

I heard this proverb one time, about eating like a king in the morning, a servant for lunch, and a pauper for dinner. It does promote a certain body image, I guess? Robust at the top and lean towards the bottom. There should be a proverb about that. Maybe I should write it and trademark it. Either way, a change of my eating habits is in order.

And since the challah is now decimated, and I just finished the end of the bottle of sugar, caffeine and sodium-free sparkling peach soda, now’s a good time to be comfortable with that thought.