Because It’s Impossible To Find a Sandwich on State Street

Today, I walked past the space on State Street where Dobra Tea once was (RIP), and there was a sign up announcing…


Another. Freaking. Sandwich. Shop.

I know that Madison is a college town, but enough is enough. If you take a walk down State Street, you will find, in no particular order: Subway, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Which Wich?, Jimmy John’s, Five Guys, Cosi, Milio’s, Erbert and Gerbert’s, Potbelly Sandwich Works, not to mention all the coffee shops which also sell sandwiches. I mean, would it kill us to have some more diversity? Currently, there’s a Nepali place, but no Indian place (which will be changing soon). Until Short Stack, there was no breakfast place. I’d love a decent Mediterranean place, or a place like La Madeleine in Houston that’s a slightly more upscale coffee and food shop. A kosher restaurant would be amazing, but let’s face it, that’ll never happen.

But still, if you need a sandwich, just come to Madison and we’ll blindfold ourselves and run around State Street and eat at the first place we break a window.