Rolls and Ghosts, Goals and Roasts

Yeah, weird title, I know, but it’s been a weird, weird day. At the risk of this being another blah post about the uneventful part of my life, I have to say that I have no clue why I’m so tired today; I slept until 11-something, got up, got my hair done, went to the office, then did a huge bunch of errands, including going to Graphite, Kohls for their Father’s Day sale (where I scored some pretty sweet deals), Woodman’s, the gas station, Whole Foods, and Starbucks (where I caught up on emails, reading blogs and started my pleasure reading for the day, all while trying not to slump over and fall asleep), and now I’m back in bed, hanging out on the blog, and I feel like I could just drift off right now even though it’s only 11:30…and I didn’t even go to the gym today or anything that physically taxing, other than walking down the long, long aisles of Woodman’s, and putting my 14th 16-pen-pals-in-2016 letter in the mail box (hint hint: that means I want to write hand-written letters to two more people, so if you want one, here’s your chance!)

So this is almost like a staying in and getting real night, except I’m not really skipping anything to do it, and that’s why it isn’t. Great rationalizing, Jacob.


So, I’m starting to think my summer reading goals (each day = 1 book for prelims, 1 play, 200-300 pages for pleasure, and an article if I finish all that) are a bit unrealistic. I think that as of today, Thursday, I’ve read 2 books for prelims, a few plays and maybe 200 pages for pleasure, and if I want to catch up, I need to read 4 more books for prelims by the end of tomorrow, which is probably not going to happen, since all I’ve read today is for pleasure, and I probably did not even retain most of that. Either way, I am welcoming suggestions as to if I should restructure this so it’s not a chore, and how to do so. And also welcoming suggestions for my Library Ephemera reading challenge, hint hint, you know you want to click it and vote 🙂

And as far as the roast.

I’m not as creative as Ryan Higa, Jenna Marbles, or Superwoman, but I enjoyed watching their roasts of themselves that they posted on their respective YouTube channels today. It’s refreshing in this day and age to see people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and appreciate the value of a good laugh brought about by some sarcastic and well-placed self-criticism. I don’t make videos, but if I did, I would, so here’s the next best thing:

That’s So Roasted: A That’s So Jacob Roast

So there’s this guy Jacob and he has a blog

He claims he’s a good writer but his words come out in fog.

Almost 1400 followers, but less than 100 hits a day

There’s something about this dude that makes them want to stay away.

He’s always taking posts down and rearranging

Like the leaves on the trees and the seasons always changing

He makes bad puns that sometimes make no sense

And wraps it all up with an obscure reference

Half his posts are unfinished, sometimes just a title

And nothing that he says is anything close to vital

He says he won’t make this blog blah and bitchy like a livejournal

But he breaks his own rules all the time, and his posts are always nocturnal

He’s like an NBA player or a Doomsday clock

With 70% of what he writes published at 11:59 on the dot

Just to get in a post to keep a streak

Then he’ll take it down, edit it or update it in a week

He’s always promising he’ll write more stuff of substance

But he never really does [insert phrase that rhymes with substance]

He sometimes goes to blogs, reads, and asks people to comment or follow

And he’s scared to get political, knock on him and he’s holloooooooow…

There’s no rhyme or reason, and he’s constantly savin’

And his name is a just a rip-off of That’s So Raven

A show no one likes, just like Flip-the-Script Friday

Now he’ll press the Publish button so WordPress will register that he wrote today.

That’s. So. ROASTED.
::mic drop::


Lost on Goat Island with Tea, Books, Samuel Beckett, and 76 Students

Taking a break from my never-ending pile of work to get out a blog post before the day is out.

To explain the title:

Currently, I’m freaking out a bit. On my current, to-do, ASAP list:

  • Grade 60 (well, 59 at the moment) papers
  • Write a reflection of this week’s theatre lab
  • Write a lesson plan for next Thursday’s theatre lab
  • Get through several lists of questions on Samuel Beckett and get back to students
  • Plan a Samuel Beckett-themed lesson for Monday and Wednesday
  • Write 4 (!) book reports by Saturday (as in, a week from this coming Saturday)
  • Finish my PechaKucha and presentation on Goat Island for Tuesday

And, accomplish as much of this as I can before heading out to Minnesota tomorrow for the APO Region IX Conference, all the while trying not to sulk about not being in Madison for Badger Ballroom or in Portland for ASTR.

Oh yeah, and I’m totally lost on most of these things. How to teach Beckett, how to finish all these books, and what the heck Goat Island is. At this point, I think I’d rather go to Unicorn Island, if you know what I am.

As of this moment, I am exactly halfway done the PechaKucha I started about an hour or so ago (yes!) regardless of whether it’s a good PechaKucha or not, and thought of a presentation idea for Tuesday which will hopefully work.

And, oh yeah, I should make sure I have clean clothes and all my supplies ready for the conference, because I have to leave at 1 PM, regardless of whether I am ready or not, because I am driving several people.

Okay, break over, now time to get back to the weirdness, because there’s a lot of it.

Pray for me, y’all!