Two Amazing Things That Happened To Me At Target Today

First, they had Starkist canned tuna for under a dollar a can.

Then, at the checkout counter, I turned around, and the girl behind me was wearing a jacket that said “Sweet Scientists,” just like the team from The Amazing Race last season. She looked up from her phone, and it was Amy, half of the Sweet Scientists, the team that won the whole race and one million dollars. I said hey to her, and that the theatre tickets offer was still on the table. She looked at me and was like…”it’s you!”

Okay, so a bit of backstory. When they won, I emailed them my congratulations, and since we live in the same town and attend the same school, offered them my comp theatre tickets. They both sent nice responses, and that was about it, until this afternoon.

I introduced myself and we took the elevator down to the parking lot together. She told me all the awesome behind the scenes stuff about the show and we talked for like a half hour, in the Target parking garage.

And those are the two amazing things.

Is this amazing or is this amazing?