The Last Night of Winter Break…

In approximately 14 hours, my first class of the semester will begin, thus commencing the first day of the semester, my fourth semester at UW-Madison, my eighth semester of graduate school, and my sixteenth semester of college.

Such nice square numbers.

WeKache came over at around 2 PM, and just left about thirty minutes ago, after a day of lunch (at Doolittle’s), geocaching (found my 1900th!), dinner (a la me) and a movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel; highly recommended). Now, my choices are:

A) Be a responsible adult and go to sleep.

B) Clean dinner dishes and apartment, then go to sleep.

C) Read the PowerPoint my professor sent out for tomorrow’s class, take notes, then go to sleep.

D) Read as much as I can for pleasure, because at my current rate, I will not finish my two current reads until May.

E) Start a load of laundry, then do all of the above in the time it takes to complete it, then go to sleep.

F) Computer games, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Music, sleep when it happens.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and yay for yet another six-continent day! North America: Canada, USA, Guatemala. South America: Brazil. Europe: Finland, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic. Asia: Kuwait. Africa: The Gambia (first visitor ever, welcome, whoever you are!).

Wait…no Oceania. Darn it all.