Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 2

This isn’t truly a staying-in post, since I actually went to dance class tonight, but I stayed in from pretty much the end of my office hour until the second I had to leave to get there on time. Oh wait, there was a meeting in the middle somewhere, but I was pretty checked out the whole time, which is really bad, since it’s only Tuesday. I probably should be doing work, but hey, I’m not doing it right now, so why start. Well, I’ll eventually have to start, so I can give my students their papers tomorrow.

I’m really not convincing anyone right now, am I?

But, real talk. I’m on the couch, watching The Golden Girls and munching on seeded rye bread. The life of a graduate student.

I wish I had some Nutella or something, but I’m glad I don’t, because I’d finish it all. I went to town on some Cheez-Its earlier and it was totally embarrassing.

In other news, has anyone ever thought how strange elevators are? You get in a metal and wood-paneled box that can fit a bunch of people, and it pulls you up through a cord. Weird, huh? And don’t get me started on airplanes.


Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 1

What up everyone, it’s your favorite That’s So Jacob. I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, and skimping on the content, but it’s just been a jam-packed few weeks for me, with Theatre Lab, the Minnesota trip, so many observations, and personal and academic struggles galore. On the bright side, I got placed into a 400-level Hebrew class for next semester, got a 95% amazing teaching evaluation, and just made a rigatoni that was approved by the girls across the hall.

So there’s that.

I just thought that I’d take a moment, without making it too personal or livejournal, which I promised never to do here, and welcome you even further into my living room, to come sit on my couch with me and enjoy some night-in therapy.

So, I’m totally exhausted. Teaching, reading, writing, grading, lesson planning, presentating, trying to maintain a good diet, wishing I exercised more often (I haven’t done anything really physical in a week, unless you count dancing for a few minutes at the APO banquet in Minnesota last week), and trying to keep my head above water in both my own personal life and my social life.

The fact is, I just don’t have many friends. 95% of my time is spent alone in my apartment, in which it is way too messy to film a nifty YouTube or Vimeo or something (that, and the fact that I barely have time to write anymore, much less spend hours editing footage of myself that would probably be annoying to begin with). The few friends I do have, I hold really close; so close, in fact, that I don’t know what I would do if some of them ever disappeared from my life. I mean, I have had plenty of people who I love completely disappear from my life through no fault of my own, but as a mostly transient person, having lived no longer than two years in any one place in my entire adult life, it’s exciting but kind of lonely. I’m 28 years old, and I don’t have a group of friends, or a significant other to share my time with. I have people here and there, but I have to make ten times the effort to keep connections strong. So I spend a lot of my time just hanging out with myself, and on here, lurking on all of your blogs, making the occasional comment and trying to maintain my connection with you.

And as far as the rest of my life goes…I just registered for what I believe to be my final semester of coursework. As in, the last one. As in, goodbye school books, hello…whatever the opposite of that is. Maybe reading said school books or something, I don’t know. Kind of scary. Even though I’ve gotten two degrees along the way and I’m inching closer to my third, and hopefully final degree, I still don’t really know exactly what I want to do with it. I’ve thought of going in a completely different direction, like becoming a drama therapist, or entering the priesthood (wait…I’m not Christian…so that won’t work), or even just moving to a completely new place and seeing what I can make of myself there. Either way, I just want to live a happy life, full of good health, adventure, and iced coffee. Not much of a plan, I know, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

I should probably get back to reading, grading, or cleaning up the kitchen now that you’re nicely ensconced on the couch.

If you’re having a night in, come join me.

I made rigatoni.