On Gourmet Toy Shops

Today, my parents and I were in the mall, and we went into a store that seemed to be quite specific, and overpriced at that…

It’s what I call a gourmet toy shop.

Not quite The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter, but not quite The Disney Store either. Apparently the brand Melissa & Doug is the big thing, but seriously, patented play toys seem to be the go-to business. I mean, the cheapest item I saw was 10 dollars. There were all the toys I played with as a kid, but modernized versions of hyper-bright colors and with way more plastic packaging. And in a few years, the toy will end up in the trash or at a thrift stop when the child ages out.

But there was a magnetic fridge puzzle of the state of Wisconsin.

And that’s how I now have $10 at Playthings on my credit card bill.