Unpacking and Unboxing

Thanks for all your kind words, friends of the blogosphere; I woke up at 6:00 yesterday morning in Itasca, got through airport security in 45 minutes – record time at O’Hare – thanks to being put in the priority boarding lane, and was dozing in my bed in Madison at 10:30 AM. After a brief lie-down, I remembered that I had to a) unpack, and b) get the mail.

Doing option B first, I went to the mailboxes to discover it overflowing, mostly with bills and junk mail, but also my cousin’s bat mitzvah invitation and my APO Life Member pin. Then, in the package room, a whopping six packages, which I opened in my living room while FaceTime-ing with my dad. Almost like one of those weird unboxing videos on YouTube. Anyway, my haul:

  • My APO Life Membership Certificate
  • A copy of the latest Ecumenica with my article in it
  • Three books (two for class, one as a gift)
  • Most excitingly…my German passport!

So it’s official: I’m published again, a Life Member, and a German, all in the same day.

Then, for the unpacking portion of the evening…

Suffice it to say that after laundering all my trip laundry, I was faced with the task of unpacking. Basically, that meant dumping everything out of my suitcase and onto the floor where it is and will be until I can sort it out.

Let’s see what I picked up along the way, shall we?

  • Postcards from EVERYWHERE (Utah, Wyoming, Maryland, Quebec, PEI, and Boston)
  • Partially-used toiletries
  • Barely-read books, including one I bought in PEI
  • An Anne of Green Gables windchime (PEI)
  • A teddy bear (PEI)
  • Catalogues and a program book (ATHE)
  • Business cards (ATHE)
  • A Canadian flag (PEI)
  • Maps of everywhere
  • Receipts
  • Pens and pencils
  • Miscellaneous pieces of garbage

That’s all folks.