So Much Better

Sometimes, a little victory can go a long way.

So, about a month ago, the grad student organization that I’m in had a meeting. One of the topics was how to increase sources of revenue. Someone brought forward the idea of selling concessions at a university theatre show, but noted that “it hadn’t done well in the past.”

After some conversation, I was among the few who suggested, “Why don’t we try it again now? What do we have to lose?” in the face of a sea of nay-sayers.

So, fast forward, we bought snacks and sold concessions. I helped.

Fast forward even more, to today. We had another meeting and I found out that we actually turned a profit with our concession sales! Granted, it wasn’t a huge profit, but there was money where there wasn’t before, and now we’re actually planning on doing it again.

As the treasurer for our organization, this was a victory for me. Someone put forward an idea, I pushed it, we did it together, and now we are all better for it. I can’t take full responsibility, but as the group’s treasurer and someone who was committed to believing that this was worth a shot, it was refreshing to hear that finally I’m doing something right.

This calls for a Legally Blonde-esque celebratory YouTube clip.

Oh, and thank you to viewers from Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Brazil who have recently visited and helped me have a six-continent day earlier this week!