Geocaching Milestones: #100-#500

Today was one of those days where the skies played hide-and-seek. After finding eight geocaches in the morning, I took a break for lunch, and by the time I came out of the Starbucks, it decided to monsoon. I managed to find four as the rain got progressively worse. Then, I had no cohice but to head home. Just as it was letting up, I decided to pull over to get a quick P&G and of course, the moment I open the door, the monsoon decides to return. At least I got twelve.

Nothing much else happened today, so I’ll share some stories of geocaching milestones I’ve gotten.

#100: BROKEN AND HOLEY, Ma & Pa Trail, Baltimore County, Maryland

The owners of this cache made it Premium Only so I can’t read my log, which I’m sure was completely off-the-wall. I was with my dad and some other geocachers, and we kept running into others as we walked along the trail finding geocaches. It was a huge pretzel container that was standard size back then but would be ENORMOUS by today’s geocaching standards. I got my dad to take a picture of me with it, sitting on a log in my Virgin Orlando T-shirt, scrubs, and green Israeli Army hat (that disappeared, unfortunately, along the years). Joining the Century Club (100 caches) was probably something big back then (maybe I got a certificate from MGS?), but when CCCooperAgency said that after 500, the charm would wear off, she was right.

#200: Woods of Woodholme, Baltimore, Maryland

This one, hidden by my friends not far from my house, was my 200th find. I found it the day after we got back from the Chicago trip (where I’d hoped to have gotten #200 but was just one short) and it was just a tupperware. I was wearing my red Chicago shirt that I’d just gotten a few days earlier.

#300: Meltdown 2004, Columbia, Maryland.

This was a tupperware under a rock in Columbia. All I remember was that I was with my dad, it was winter, and I was in my big black coat.

#400: DARWINIAN DAYDREAMS, Baltimore, Maryland.

I don’t remember this one at all. I was probably with my dad, and the picture shows it was a pill bottle and I was wearing a brown shirt.

#500: Spice Market, Kansas City, Missouri.

This was a nano cache in downtown Kansas City, and one of the last caches from that trip, which we found a few hours before getting on the plane. It was a button attached to a sign at this deserted market with a big water wheel where I bought a T-shirt. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of myself at this cache, thanks to what happened to my camera on that trip.

2 thoughts on “Geocaching Milestones: #100-#500

    • Lynn!!! Yay!!! Welcome to the blog, you’ve found my new home on the interwebs. I hope you’ll follow me, and keep reading my random rambles. I miss you and Lucy and all the fun we had together. I still maintain that you two should team up and apply for The Amazing Race. And then you’d win, and I’d be like…I knew they could do it. Thanks for reading 🙂

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