How Do You Zen Out?

Zen Out.

To me, it means:

  • Being extremely focused and aware, but having a clean and clear mind.
  • Enjoying calmness.
  • Pressing the pause button on relationships and responsibilities.

It doesn’t mean:

  • Spacing out.
  • Losing track of place and time.
  • Forgetting yourself.

I do it by:

  • Listening to my own breath.
  • Eating something healthy.
  • Drinking some carbonated water.

What’s your version of Zen? How do you achieve it?

4 thoughts on “How Do You Zen Out?

  1. Thanks for this post. My version of zen involves leaving the universe to sort itself out and acting only when action is both necessary and beneficial. For me zen is not a destination so much as a way of traveling.

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